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Faculty and Staff

Mastery Learning at QSI Virtual School is facilitated by a group of passionate and dedicated educators. Faculty members are certified and licensed in the core subjects that they teach.  All QVS teachers have taught, or are currently teaching, in a brick and mortar QSI school. 

We Challenge.

  • Muscles are kept in tone by exercise, whereas the brain is kept in tone by intentional learning and by putting that learning into practice.
  • When we discuss anything, respectful dialogue helps us gain better perspective to see points of view we might not have been aware of otherwise.

We Question.

  • Learning starts with asking questions.
  • Positive development occurs when old practices and thinking are challenged in light of new knowledge and changes around us.



We Care.

  • Care is expressed in what we do, when we do it and how we do it.
  • Every individual is important and needs to be cared for. “All for one and one for all”.



Meet the QVS Teaching Team!

Victoria Craig
  • Advanced Placement
  • Creative and Applied Arts
  • English
  • Science
  • Technology

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