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Our Community

A Diverse, Inclusive Community

A truly global experience, our diverse online school brings together students from over 60 different nationalities, creating an enriching and inclusive learning environment.

QSI Virtual School promotes diversity and inclusion in order to create a positive learning environment for all students. In a diverse and inclusive school like ours, students learn to respect and accept different cultures, backgrounds, religions, abilities and points of view. This creates an atmosphere of compassion and understanding in which all students have the opportunity to thrive. In fostering relationships among people who may be different but share common interests, QSI Virtual School shows commitment to teaching students how to interact with one another in the real world. Our inclusive school community allows children to develop strong bonds based on mutual respect. When children feel accepted and valued for who they are without fear of judgement or ridicule from their peers, it strengthens their sense of self-worth – leading to greater success both in school and later in life. Our schools strives for an environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of any differences that may exist between them.

Group of diverse high school students studying and smiling in a school library

QVS By the Numbers

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Over 50 Different Online Courses

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Students from Over 30 Countries on 5 Continents

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Across 15 Timezones - From Belmopan to Zhuhai

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300+ Students from Over 35 QSI Schools

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Over 20 Advanced Placement Courses

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11 Qualified, Experienced Instructors