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AP Chemistry Testimonial

One of the fears I had concerning online courses and an AP level one was falling behind and losing track. AP chemistry sure was a lot to handle, but it was also very fun to engage in! The course set up, however, was organized and very clear. To be sure that we gained a profound understanding the completion of one lesson was necessary to move on to the next one. This allowed us to not rush into the process and take the time to submit work with care. Our teacher was always available to answer our questions either by call or message.  Another great help was also the feedback. Most work submitted had feedback if the answer was wrong, or suggestions on how to improve your answer.   

This is my last year as a high schooler and therefore the workload was quite heavy, but I enjoyed having AP chemistry as one of my last science classes. I gained a lot of additional knowledge I knew little of before this year.  

There is a lot of work that comes with taking an online AP class, so it is very important to stay on track and keep in contact with the teacher whenever you have questions.

- Daniele, QSI Benin Student

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