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AP Psychology Testimonial

“Ms. Hinman, you have motivated me so much in this journey, you were always positive and you have used encouraging words each time you gave feedback to an assignment, seeing good job, or excellent work! Feedback really warmed me toward the course. I wanted to learn just because I enjoyed this course so much.  

The way the course was presented by you was very helpful. It allowed me to appreciate not just the content I learned, but to also put it into a real-world perspective.  

The discussion forums and concept maps were one of my favorite parts of the course. I always look forward to decorating my concept maps, and sharing my ideas with my peers.  

I liked how you applied the information to our lives and we were able to connect to what we were learning, seeing how much this affects us.  

I absolutely loved that you had a somewhat mandatory individual call with you. It makes learning more effective when you know your teacher individually and they know you. Also, I love how you put thorough comments on the assignments always adding some "food for thought" or rhetorical questions that made me personally think deeper about the topic (this also fired my intrinsic motivation!)  

The essential units themselves were very interesting and made me want to learn more about them, however, I also really liked the concept of discussions, which encouraged me to do some extra research into that specific topic and learn for myself.” 

- QVS AP Psychology Student

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