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Consumer Mathematics Testimonial

“I joined the QVS courses at the beginning of the school year. I have a great experience with the learning community because my teachers are always there to help me to improve my academics and set clear boundaries when it comes to work extensions and deadlines. I like the kind of courses and assignments that are being provided for students such as poster projects, presentations for us to do when closing a unit, and there are many other ways to show your understanding. My teacher, Cari-Ann VanDeVelde, is a great teacher because she pushes you to achieve mastery level and is always in a good mood which makes it a lot easier to work with her via texting or video calling.  I definitely recommend students to join QVS courses whether it is for mathematics or science because QSV promotes steps to understand the course that you’re taking in various ways (assignments, scorm packages where you earn points, quizzes, and Venn diagrams).” - Mahavyra; QSI Suriname

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