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Environmental Science Testimonial

To say that I loved QSI’s Online Environmental Science class, held by Mrs. VanDevelde, would be an understatement. And this is a surprising statement coming from a student like me. If I am being frank, my original intention for joining was simply to complete my unfinished science credit. But, if you would have told me that it would end up being my favorite class I've ever taken, I would've never believed you. This class has had such a positive impact on me and my life. As someone who struggles to focus and can get lost in instructions of assignments, It was a very pleasant sight to see how organized the course was. The directions were clear to follow and the material was easy to decipher. And I can proudly say, I genuinely feel like I left learning something. Also, My experience with the teacher was very enjoyable. Mrs. VanDevelde was extremely encouraging. She motivated me on the days I didn't feel like being productive and made me feel like I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. She also showed genuine interest in me and who I was as a person. Which isn't something I’ve experienced with a teacher before. It made me feel comfortable in class and made me excited to learn something new. This class has not only been very informative but has also helped me discover my love for learning. And it just goes to show that with the right teacher, you can enjoy school. What I thought would be a regular course, turned out to be so much more. I am so thankful that I decided to pursue this and I recommend it to everyone. 

- Darja, Kyiv International School

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