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Testimonials 2021-2022 


“This year I’m taking a lot of courses on QVS virtual school. Thinking about pros and cons - I’m very much enjoying QVS The teachers are always helpful, they care about you and your academic performance. All of the courses are organized pretty well. The Scorms lessons help you get the information even without being in class. They are helping you to be prepared for the assignments and the exams. Overall I enjoy QSI Virtual School!” (Elizaveta Stukulska; Kyiv International School) 

“Our son attends two courses of QVS. Both classes are well organized. Students and parents can check the status of the assignments every time online via QVS Moodle.  Communication with the teachers is very easy via email. Responds received in short time. Also, there is a regular QVS Parents Coffee Morning for exchange between parents and teachers. We are very happy about this offer of special classes.” (Gabriela Fornoff; QSI Munster) 


"I found the online geometry class to be quite different than what I thought. With the pandemic going on for about 2 years now and many schools constantly switching from physical to online learning, I feared a lot of problems such as internet connection, schedule overlap, teaching problems, etc. just to name a few. However, this wasn’t the case with the QVS Geometry class. From what I have seen, the classes were organized and adapted to online and remote learning, taking into account abovementioned problems. The teacher was always available to answer questions and even work with my son during breaks. Grading was quick and efficient in feedback. I found Ditri spending a balanced amount of time learning for the geometry class, deducting as a parent that he had work to do but just enough to be on top of it and not get demotivated due to overload."  (Ms. Azeta Collaku; Tirana International School )

Consumer Mathematics

“As a parent from a student who was not very confident with mathematics and especially not online lessons, I had my reservations about how the lessons would work out for my daughter. The beginning was as I expected. However, the teacher was strict, did not except assignments that were incomplete, she set due dates, and reminded the student and parent monthly about the schedule and deadlines. My daughter got in rhythm overtime. So far, she closed 6 units with an A and 2 units with a B. I am very happy and thankful to the QVS teachers/ team.” (Brenda Krolis; QSI Suriname) 

“I joined the QVS courses at the beginning of the school year. I have a great experience with the learning community because my teachers are always there to help me to improve my academics and set clear boundaries when it comes to work extensions and deadlines. I like the kind of courses and assignments that are being provided for students such as poster projects, presentations for us to do when closing a unit, and there are many other ways to show your understanding. My teacher, Cari-Ann VanDeVelde, is a great teacher because she pushes you to achieve mastery level and is always in a good mood which makes it a lot easier to work with her via texting or video calling.  I definitely recommend students to join QVS courses whether it is for mathematics or science because QSV promotes steps to understand the course that you’re taking in various ways (assignments, scorm packages where you earn points, quizzes, and Venn diagrams).” (Mahavyra Krolis; QSI Suriname) 


“I am so thankful for QVS because it allowed my daughter to take Wellness when it wouldn't fit into her regular school schedule. The teacher has kept me well informed, and her communication with my daughter has always been timely, helpful, and encouraging. In addition, the assignments and instruction have been as good, if not better, than a face-to-face course, so we haven't felt as though her learning has been less because it is online. Kudos to everyone at QVS!” (Lisa Routh; Almaty) International School 

AP Environmental Science

“As a parent of a graduating student, I would say that the classes are perfectly planned and scheduled. Always in a contact: student - teacher - school direction - parent, feedback system and deadlines are always under control. Learning materials are quite clear, and it's very interesting (as for Egor, so for parents) to set up different experiments and laboratory work - it makes the classes even more interesting and the science is applicable to real life.” (Olga Kostenko; QSI Phuket )

Environmental Science

To say that I loved QSI’s Online Environmental Science class, held by Mrs. VanDevelde, would be an understatement. And this is a surprising statement coming from a student like me. If I am being frank, my original intention for joining was simply to complete my unfinished science credit. But, if you would have told me that it would end up being my favorite class I've ever taken, I would've never believed you. This class has had such a positive impact on me and my life. As someone who struggles to focus and can get lost in instructions of assignments, It was a very pleasant sight to see how organized the course was. The directions were clear to follow and the material was easy to decipher. And I can proudly say, I genuinely feel like I left learning something. Also, My experience with the teacher was very enjoyable. Mrs. VanDevelde was extremely encouraging. She motivated me on the days I didn't feel like being productive and made me feel like I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. She also showed genuine interest in me and who I was as a person. Which isn't something I’ve experienced with a teacher before. It made me feel comfortable in class and made me excited to learn something new. This class has not only been very informative but has also helped me discover my love for learning. And it just goes to show that with the right teacher, you can enjoy school. What I thought would be a regular course, turned out to be so much more. I am so thankful that I decided to pursue this and I recommend it to everyone.  (Darja Bassut, Secondary 4 student)

AP US History

"This course was very well structured and felt very comprehensive, like you are never lost, and there is always a clear end goal. It was perfect for the online format. As for my own tips on anyone wanting to take the class, keep in contact with the teacher, and make sure they know and you know what you can and can't do because I'm sure there can be some support in that respect. Understand that there is a lot of work, but it's very rewarding... this is the last history course I will be taking in high school, and I feel ready for history in college thanks to this class."  (Oskar Martin QSI Malta) 

“AP US History is probably one of the most challenging classes I’ve taken, AP or otherwise. It has an intense workload, with all the assignments being incredibly challenging, requiring an abundance of time on my part in order to complete the assignments to the highest degree. I often spent the majority of my homework time working on APUSH alone, and with several of my other APs being challenging as well, I ran into the problem of borrowing time. I was borrowing time from classes working on assignments from APUSH, and then borrow APUSH time for other classes… and it was a whole mess. I completely lost myself in terms of assignments and I was behind all the time. Ms Sedmak was extremely kind and aided me whenever needed in order to complete the assignments, and she gave me the time that I needed, which I appreciate greatly. Several of the assignments were in fact quite fun, especially when it came to the more creative ones, like the menu we had to create for a president, or the photobomb of a historical event. They required thought and a great deal of research and analysis, but they were breaks in between the usual challenging assignments, for a fun change. I would strongly suggest that future APUSH students manage their time wisely, and to not borrow time from this class no matter what. It may seem like a good idea in the moment, but it will result in an unpleasant and never-ending vicious cycle that creates extreme stress. Always plan your assignments right and ask Ms Sedmak for help. She’s there to help you, and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help; it will help you grow.” (Kassitty Lee; QSI Dongguan) 

Advanced Math

“I believe that the slides you gave for nearly each lesson helped push this intrinsic motivation within me. Sometimes, I believe you would put information that is not very relevant to the actual exam on the slides, which I find absolutely great since I get to learn more about the details of psychology and how it applies to our real life. Altogether, I really did enjoy this course, and I mean this in all honesty. I frankly believe this is the most enjoyable course I have taken yet.” 


You, Ms. Emily did the best job. You explained everything so precisely, and so simple. I just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for all the time you spent helping me with my math.

AP Psychology

“Ms. Hinman, you have motivated me so much in this journey, you were always positive and you have used encouraging words each time you gave feedback to an assignment, seeing good job, or excellent work! Feedback really warmed me toward the course. I wanted to learn just because I enjoyed this course so much. 

The way the course was presented by you was very helpful. It allowed me to appreciate not just the content I learned, but to also put it into a real-world perspective. 

The discussion forums and concept maps were one of my favorite parts of the course. I always look forward to decorating my concept maps, and sharing my ideas with my peers. 

I liked how you applied the information to our lives and we were able to connect to what we were learning, seeing how much this affects us. 

I absolutely loved that you had a somewhat mandatory individual call with you. It makes learning more effective when you know your teacher individually and they know you. Also, I love how you put thorough comments on the assignments always adding some "food for thought" or rhetorical questions that made me personally think deeper about the topic (this also fired my intrinsic motivation!) 

The essential units themselves were very interesting and made me want to learn more about them, however, I also really liked the concept of discussions, which encouraged me to do some extra research into that specific topic and learn for myself.” 

AP Chemistry 

One of the fears I had concerning online courses and an AP level one was falling behind and losing track. AP chemistry sure was a lot to handle, but it was also very fun to engage in! The course set up, however, was organized and very clear. To be sure that we gained a profound understanding the completion of one lesson was necessary to move on to the next one. This allowed us to not rush into the process and take the time to submit work with care. Our teacher was always available to answer our questions either by call or message.  Another great help was also the feedback. Most work submitted had feedback if the answer was wrong, or suggestions on how to improve your answer.  

This is my last year as a high schooler and therefore the workload was quite heavy, but I enjoyed having AP chemistry as one of my last science classes. I gained a lot of additional knowledge I knew little of before this year. 

There is a lot of work that comes with taking an online AP class, so it is very important to stay on track and keep in contact with the teacher whenever you have questions. (Daniele Sossouhounto, QSI Benin.) 

AP Seminar

“Throughout the course of AP Seminar, I have learnt many valuable skills and techniques, like different methods for researching, how to properly analyze a source and how to write a well structured essay. The course though being online, allowed me to meet new people from around the world and I even made a couple friends. I grew as a person throughout the course and my ability to write and understand has greatly improved. Overall, AP Seminar has been an awesome course that I can definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn and challenge themselves.”  (Aleksander Gregory Gonzalez-Saenz, QSI

AP Research

My time in Mr.Cooper's research class was very worthwhile. I am so glad I decided to take on this class because I left the course being way more prepared for University. I learned how to write a professional research paper and now feel more assured to face my college essays. I am leaving this experience learning something that I will use for years to come. It was super helpful and definitely worth it! Not only that, but Mr. Cooper himself is an excellent teacher. Throughout the year, I faced some troubles. But Mr. Cooper was very patient and cooperative with me. I felt he understood me as a person, not just as a student. I sometimes feel like in other classes that the teacher sees me as nothing but a grade. But that was not the case here. Mr. Cooper genuinely believed in me and my ability, despite my hardships. His compassion and faith in me allowed me to have more confidence in myself, which ultimately helped me complete the course. I never in a million years would have thought I could complete something like this. But because Mr. Cooper was very supportive and had great instruction. I learned a lot. This definitely will give me an edge in my university classes and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be more prepared for their future.