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Welcome from the Director

At QSI Virtual School, we firmly believe that all students can experience success in their learning.

-Tim Macmillan, Director of QSI Virtual School

Welcome to QSI Virtual School! We are a unique online school that has catered to the needs of QSI students for over a decade. As part of Quality Schools International, we are proud to be a part of a rich tradition in international education, as well as being pioneers in online learning.  

At QVS, we firmly believe that all students can experience success in their learning. We also recognize that success breeds success and that it is the school’s responsibility to provide the conditions for success. Through our rigorous and engaging online courses, our students are challenged to apply higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.  

The faculty at QVS are a dedicated, experienced, and skilled team of educators with a shared vision: to create a better future for our students through online learning. We believe that all students can master the skills and knowledge they need to be successful, and we are fully committed to helping them achieve this goal. 

Our online courses are designed for 21st century learners, engaging and challenging students to work collaboratively, think creatively, apply critical thinking skills, and communicate for a variety of purposes. Our courses are designed with mastery learning in mind, giving students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and meeting the individual needs of each student. Our students love the flexibility and convenience of our program, as well as the support, communication, and feedback from our teachers. 

QVS embraces diversity and inclusion, with our students attending from over 60 countries all around the globe. This global community provides our students with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers and educators from around the world and learn about different cultures. 

Our 50+ courses are designed to help each and every one of our students reach their full potential. We believe that every student has something special to offer, and we work hard to help them find their voice and achieve their dreams. We are here for our students every step of the way, and we look forward to welcoming you to the QVS community! 


Tim Macmillan 

Director, QSI Virtual School 


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