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AP Capstone® Diploma

Fostering critical thinking and research skills, earning the AP Capstone® diploma with QSI Virtual School helps our students develop the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond.

Benefits of the AP Capstone Diploma

The AP Capstone Diploma program is an innovative new way for high school students to earn college credit and demonstrate their mastery of advanced skills. This program offers a two-part approach, including the AP Seminar course and the AP Research course. Students who complete both courses, along with four additional APs, will receive a special recognition on their transcript as well as on any score reports sent to colleges.

The AP Seminar course focuses on developing students' critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills through a variety of activities such as writing research papers and engaging in debates. The second part of the diploma program is the AP Research course which requires students to delve into an independent research project with guidance from an instructor or mentor. In this part of the program, students produce a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to analyze complex topics using evidence-based arguments and write persuasively.

The AP Capstone® Diploma Program is designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and beyond. The program offers a variety of benefits for those who participate, including enhanced critical thinking skills, improved problem-solving abilities, and greater engagement with course material. Here are some of the highlights from this innovative program:

First and foremost, the AP Capstone Diploma Program encourages students to become independent thinkers and learners. Through seminars, research projects, presentations and other activities that challenge their critical thinking capabilities, they learn how to take ownership of their education by developing well-rounded research skills. Additionally, students gain an understanding of what it takes to be successful in college classes by exploring different topics from various perspectives. Finally, the diploma provides an opportunity for further recognition on college applications.