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AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition

Prerequisite: Literature II and Writing II (As recommended by AP, students must be able to read college-level texts and write grammatically correct, complete sentences.)

Course Description: The AP English Literature and Composition course provides the following literacy components: the experience of literature, the interpretation of literature, and the evaluation of literature.  Students use literary analysis to examine, interpret, discuss, and write about works of prose and poetry. They will also deepen their understanding of literature by completing informal writing tasks such as free-writing, response writing, and annotation. Formal writing assignments will focus on the critical analysis of literature and will include expository, analytical, and argumentative essays. In addition to these writing tasks, students will prepare for the course final exam by writing essay responses under time constraints.

Department: English 

Teacher: Geoff Cooper

Credit: 1 Credit (10 units) 

Length: 1 Year 

Grade Level(s): Secondary III or Secondary IV 

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