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AP Microeconomics

AP Microeconomics

Prerequisite: Advanced Mathematics I (As recommended by AP, students must be able to read college-level texts and write grammatically correct, complete sentences.)

Course Description: The AP Microeconomics course is a college-level course that studies the individual decisions that occur in an economy. Topics include how product and factor markets work, how income is distributed, and how governments promote efficiency and equity in the economy. Throughout the course students use a variety of data including graphs, charts, and reports to explore and explain economic concepts. Participants also have the option to take part in the Stock Investment Unit which provides them with real-world experience investing in the stock market.

Department: Cultural Studies 

Teacher: Katarina Zajc

Credit: 0.5 Credit (5 Units) 

Length: 1 Semester 

Grade Level(s): Secondary III or IV

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