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AP U.S. History

AP U.S. History

Prerequisite: Literature II and Writing II (previously or concurrently) (As recommended by AP, students must be able to read college-level texts and write grammatically correct, complete sentences.)

Course Description: The AP US History course is an academic, yearlong course with an emphasis on United States of America history from around 1491 to the present. The AP College Board has organized the course into nine historical time periods (Period 1: 1491-1607, Period 2: 1607-1754, Period 3: 1754-1800, Period 4: 1800-1848, Period 5: 1844-1877, Period 6: 18651898, Period 7: 1890-1945, Period 8: 1945-1980, and Period 9: 1980-present). These periods are examined through the lens of the following themes: American and National Identity, Work, Exchange and Technology, Geography and the Environment, Migration and Settlement, Politics and Power, America in the World, American and Regional Culture, and Social Structures. The course relies heavily on college-level texts, primary source documents, and outside readings.  Special emphasis is given to historical writing through essay and document-based questions as well as historical thinking skills and reasoning processes. This course fulfills the US History graduation requirement.

Department: Cultural Studies 

Teacher: Jennifer Sedmak

Credit: 1 Credit (10 Units) 

Length: 1 Year 

Grade Level(s): Secondary Ill or IV 

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