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Global Issues

Global Issues

Prerequisites: World Geography and World History

Course Description: This course is designed to give students an overview of current world issues in our globalized society. Students will gain an understanding of the various problems, including their causes and effects. After a conceptual introduction to the topic of challenges in a globalized world, students will study specific issues more in-depth. The essential units focus on problems resulting from and related to poverty, communication technology, political change, and the environment. After completing these 5 essential units, selective units can be chosen that cover other related issues; and/or students can take the opportunity to analyze potential solutions for such issues, trying to work towards a better-globalized society in the future.  This course can be taken half a year for 5 units or a full year for 10 units.

Department: Cultural Studies 

Teacher: Bob Hinman

Credit: 1 Credit (10 Units) 

Length: 1 Semester or 1 Year 

Grade Level(s): Secondary III or IV

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Course Syllabus & Related Documents

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