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Prerequisite: Geometry and Advanced Math I (previously or concurrently)

Course Description: Conceptual physics is an approach to physics that will stimulate higher level cognitive skills and encourage students to see science everywhere. The three-step learning cycle in conceptual physics first builds understanding through exploration, develops comprehension through demonstrations and thought-provoking questioning, and finally has students apply what they have learned through a variety of inquiry-based activities. Conceptual physics is designed to prepare students for advanced studies in science at the university level, and it provides a systematic introduction to the main principles of physics and emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding and problem-solving using algebra and trigonometry.

Department: Science 

Teacher: Victoria Craig

Credit: 1 Credit (10 Units) 

Length: 1 Year 

Grade Level(s): Secondary Ill or IV 

Required: Personal graphing calculator 

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Course Syllabus & Related Documents

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