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U.S. History

U.S. History

Prerequisite: None

Course Description: The US History course explores the history of the United States of America using a thematic approach. Themes include immigration, the American character, conflict, and the struggle for equality, along with reform, economics, foreign policy, and cultural pastimes.  Taken together they present a strong semblance of both the country’s past and present. Within the context of each theme, students will investigate and debate important political documents, legislation and social movements that have contributed to both continuity and change over time as they examine the long-term development of the country from the colonial period through the recent past. Using an inquiry-based model of learning, students will pose questions, evaluate sources, and develop claims that aim to support or challenge impressions that have been shaped over time. 

Department: Cultural Studies

Teacher: Jennifer Sedmak 

Credit: 1 Credit (10 Units) 

Length: 1 Year 

Grade Level(s): Secondary II - IV 

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Course Syllabus & Related Documents

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