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Online Learning at QVS

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Learn from anywhere, at anytimeQSI Virtual School is a global online high school designed to meet the needs of academically-minded international students. It offers an engaging and rigorous curriculum, allowing students to take courses anytime, anywhere. From the comfort of their homes, students can access a full range of courses from Math and Science to Humanities and Languages. With the help of experienced teachers and mentors, students are able to build their knowledge base and prepare for college or university. In addition, QSI Virtual School provides personalized guidance for each student’s academic journey, helping them stay motivated and on track with their studies. Through this platform, parents are also able to monitor their child’s progress in real-time.

An international education right at your fingertips.


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Wide Range of Courses

QVS offers over 50 secondary-level courses, and over 20 of these are Advanced Placement courses. This wide range of courses enables QSI students to take courses that suit their needs and interests, even if they are not offered at their local QSI school. This also includes the option of taking AP Seminar and AP Research, two key components of the AP Capstone Diploma. 

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Flexible Scheduling

QVS courses can benefit students who have scheduling conflicts at their local school. QVS even offers a summer school program, enabling students to take advanced level courses to get ahead in their learning, as well as offering the option of unit recovery for students who may have had difficulties completing their courses during the academic school year. 

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Rigorous Courses and Dedicated Teachers

QVS courses are rigorous and organized in ways that best promote student learning. QVS teachers are highly skilled in teaching online, as well as experienced in mastery learning and certified in their subject areas. Communication is clear and effective, and timely, specific feedback is given to students to drive learning.

Qualities of a Successful Online Student


The Latest Educational Technology for Learning and Productivity

As an online school, QVS utilizes a range of technology platforms to support student learning. Below are some of our fundamental technologies that make QVS courses an engaging, interactive learning environment for students:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is enables students and teachers to collaborate in real-time on assignments, share resources seamlessly, and communicate effectively through integrated tools. The use of Microsoft 365 supports a dynamic learning environment where students can develop digital literacy skills critical for modern academic and professional settings.

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Genius Class

Genius Class is a comprehensive student information system tailored for virtual programs like QSI Virtual School. It integrates with our learning management system and automates various administrative tasks to streamline operations. 

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Canvas is our Learning Management System that helps students by providing a platform to access their course materials and receive feedback.

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QVS Online Learning