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Summer Intensive English Program

Students seated outside by the school track

Purpose: To assist QSI Intensive English students to maintain and improve their English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening through an engaging and interactive six-week summer program. 

Ages: QSI students aged between 12 and 16 years of age 

Dates: Monday, 3 July – Friday, 11 August 

Cost: The cost of the program is $600 plus a $100 registration fee. 

Levels of English: Beginner (less than one year of Intensive English study) or Intermediate (more than one year of Intensive English) 

Format: The Intensive English Online Summer Program will combine both synchronous (live lessons) and asynchronous lessons (independent study work) from Monday to Friday. The total time commitment each day will be approximately 60-90 minutes (45-minute live lesson + 45 independent study work). Daily synchronous lessons will be scheduled based on student cohorts assigned according to level of English and preferred time of day. Students will access their courses and lessons via the Canvas learning management system. Live lessons will take place via Microsoft Teams accessed through Canvas.  

Attendance: Students are encouraged to attend all live lessons. If a student cannot attend a lesson, they are encouraged to view the lesson recording. The teacher will keep attendance records for all students.  

Registration and Placement: Registration is done via QVS's website by a representative of the student's local QSI school. Students will be asked to register for one of two cohorts based on level of English and preferred time of day for live lessons. The number of cohorts may increase based on the level of interest in the program.  

Credits: Students do not earn secondary credits through this program. This program is designed to support the maintenance and development of student English skills during the summer holiday.  

Reporting and Feedback: The teacher will provide a narrative report to the parents, student, and QSI school administrator outlining the student's progress in the program upon completion of the program. 

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