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Admissions Criteria


QSI Virtual School has an inclusive admissions policy and seeks to welcome motivated and independent secondary students from diverse backgrounds from all over the globe. Although students may attend from any country, it is the responsibility of the student's parents or legal guardian to determine if they are eligible for an online international education based on their country's local laws and regulations.  

QSI Virtual School will carefully review and consider all admissions applications. QVS also recognizes that a full-time online educational program may not be suitable for all students and will make admissions decisions in the best interest of the student. In this regard, QSI Virtual School seeks to admit students best suited to excel in online learning. 

Admissions Criteria

Academic Motivation and  Potential

QSI Virtual School admits students who have a passion for learning and demonstrate strong academic potential based on previous school records, as well as standardized testing using NWEA MAP Growth assessments in reading, language usage, and mathematics. 

Academic motivation and potential is evaluated through:

  • Academic Records
  • Placement Testing
  • Teacher Recommendations

 English Language Proficiency

QSI Virtual School accepts students with demonstrated proficiency in the English language as determined by an English language assessment administered online. Students with limited English experience may expect to spend additional years enrolled in Secondary in order to graduate with a QSI diploma. 

English language proficiency is assessed through:

  • Writing sample
  • Student interview
  • English placement test

Readiness for Online Learning

QSI Virtual School admits students with demonstrated skills and readiness to be successful in online learning. This includes positive work and study habits, motivation and interest in learning, the ability to utilize technology effectively, and time management skills.

Readiness for online learning is assessed through:

  • Student Interview
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Academic Records

Demonstration of Character

As a member of Quality Schools International, students of QSI Virtual School are expected to have a positive behavior record, demonstrating the seven Success Orientations (Responsibility, Independent Endeavor, Trustworthiness, Kindness and Politeness, Concern for Others, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Group Interaction).

Demonstration of character is assessed through:

  • Teacher recommendations
  • Student interview
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Evidence of extracurricular activity and/or service to the community

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