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Student Support

Female student typing on a laptop in a bright room

We know what it takes to succeed.

We know the challenges of online schooling, and we're here to help! Our support services are tailored to meet the unique needs of online high school students and families.

Student writing an answer on a test while seated at a desk in a classroom

Academic Advisory

Learn about how our advisory program supports students of QSI Virtual School.

Two African-American high school students reading from a textbook in a classroom

Child Safeguarding

Learn more about QSI Virtual School's policies and programs for child protection and safeguarding.

Smiling female high school student with a chalkboard behind her

Mental Health

Learn about how QSI Virtual School supports student mental health and wellness.

Graduating high school student holding out their diploma

University Counseling

Learn about the university counseling supports available for QSI Virtual School students.

Empower Program

Learn more about QSI Virtual School's comprehensive Empower program for SEL, Child Protection, and Success Orientations.

Happy African-American high school student holding a pencil at a desk in a classroom

Success Orientations

Learn more about the seven success orientations as part of QSI Virtual School's character education program.