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Empower® Program

Quality Schools International has believed, since its founding days, that education includes something more than rigorous academics.

A quality education teaches and develops the whole child, including how to live an emotionally healthy life. Empower: Skills for Safety, Success, and Global Citizenship is a QSI developed program that helps to prepare students to live successfully and safely in and out of the school environment. This program will teach students skills in three areas;

EMPOWER: Skills for Safety, Success, and Global Citizenship

Success Orientations

Success in life is more than simply academic grades, social status, or the size of one’s bank account. The Success Orientations are universally agreed-upon traits that help students become well-rounded, positive individuals who make their families, communities, and the world a better place.


Social Emotional Learning

The benefits of social emotional learning are vast and vital to the overall success of the student. By being self-aware, socially aware, able to manage personal feelings and emotions, navigate the nuances of relationships, and make positive decisions, students are better equipped to handle the pressures of life as they grow.

Child Protection Skills

Children must be provided with a safe and secure environment in which to develop, thrive, and be successful. Our teachers are trained and required to report child abuse and neglect, and our students are empowered with the knowledge of these rights and the tools available to claim them. Teaching kids about child protection skills helps them navigate life’s potential dangers, both inside and outside of the classroom.